A Pitbull refused to leave the shelter without his Chihuahua friend

One day a man wanted to adopt a dog. He went to Rocket Dog Rescue, an abandoned dog shelter in San Francisco. This man quickly fell in love with a three-year-old pit bull named Merrill. Except that the Pitbull refused to leave the shelter without his Chihuahua friend.

The Rocket Dog Rescue animal shelter   received a three year old Pit Bull named Merrill and an older Chihuahua, probably eight years old, named Taco. Although the pair couldn’t be more different, they instantly fell in love with each other, and both became inseparable.

When Merrill fell ill, because the pregnancy had not gone well, and she had to be operated on immediately. Taco was completely lost without her. Once Merrill was out of the operating room, staff could hear screams echoing in the hallway. Taco was moaning as Merrill got out of the OR. Taco’s screams grew even more desperate. The staff had no choice but to allow him to see Merrill to calm him down.

After the operation, the two dogs cuddled while Merrill slept. Taco was finally calm knowing that his friend was still at the shelter and that it was okay.

A difficult adoption:

This type of bond became so deep that the staff decided there was no way to separate these two.¬†When a man fell in love with Merrill’s adoption, the staff informed him that the dog had a powerful friendship with Taco.

When leaving Merrill, did not want to leave. Indeed, the pit bull refused to leave the shelter without his chihuahua friend . The man who had come to adopt her finally agreed to take Taco too. The two dogs were very happy to be leaving together.

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